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Audio Space Reference 2

. Award winning True-Balance Design 

. MC/MM support with flexible impedance matching

. Truly High-End through and through

Audio Space Reference One

. Award winning flagship masterpiece

. Dual hand wound output transformers per channel 

. Proprietary Magic Power Capacitors with 50+ years lifetime

. Balanced & RCA inputs

Audio Space 6i

. Dual mono design with headphone Jack

. Point-to-point wiring, hand wound transformers

. KT88 output tubes

. Triode or Ultralinear modes


. 2-way closed cabinet design

. Based on the legendary LS3/5a specifications

. Amazing sounding and incredible imaging

. Kit or fully assembled

Zion Silver Speaker Cable

This cable is characterized by its enormous soundstage and vivid imaging capability.


Component Platform
A solid walnut component platform for your pre-amps and power-amps. It's simple and functional.
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