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About Us
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Marketing and Selling your Products


We are experienced professionals who understand the industry and market. We have helped many before and continue helping many others to gain entry into or further their cliams in the consumer and professional audio/video components sectors.


The business model has changed due largely to the explosion of internet commerce. The old ways of doing things in today's market no longer produce yesterday's result. We are well in tuned with today's market drivers and technologies that enable and enpower them. And, we are here to work with you. Yes, we can help!


If you are thinking about, or already engaged in expanding your business in the West but is moving at snail's pace, talk to us. If you are frustrated with the traditional distribution channel and are getting squeezed, talk to us. We can serve as your extended marketing and sales arms, allowing you to maximize your margin and control instead of getting squeezed and manipulated by the middle man.



Outsourcing Services


Cut your design and production costs!


The big names are doing it to!


You can't afford not to!


From components and accessories to complete high quality

loudspeaker and amplifier design and production...


ODM/OEM - Make Sense to Outsource!


Contact us...


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