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July 2006 - For Immediate Release 

When iPod meets “vacuum tube”, it’s a whole new musical experience!

GINI Systems, Inc. introduces its iProducts Line targeting the iPod generation with the high-end taste.  The initial launch of the iProducts Line includes a unique Tube Based 2.1 Audio System called GINI iTube and a top-notch full functioned iPod Docking Station named GINI iConec. Together, they form a complete iPod audio system that instantly converts digital tunes into music with “tube warmth” that audiophiles have come to know and enjoy!

GINI iTube (MSRP: $379) combines vacuum tube and solid-state audio technologies to deliver the type of music that separates itself from the majority of iPod speakers in the market today.  The system includes a hybrid amplifier with a built-in sub-woofer to provide substantial bass extension, a pair of Hi-Fi satellite speakers, and a remote control and accessories. The design is in perfect harmony with iPods. The handcrafted main unit is made of wood with quality glossy finish while the speaker cabinets are made of high density top grade composite material to ensure excellent sound quality. GINI iTube can be used with iPod or other sources such as CD players.

GINI iConec (MSRP: $79) is a top-notch full functioned iPod docking station with remote control. Besides the usual volume control, backward and forward, the remote control includes functions such as mute, backlight, repeat, shuffle, playlist and album up/down, pause, etc. iConec also has a built-in charger which provides stand-alone recharging capability for iPods. Adding to usability is the on-board volume control conveniently located on the front of the docking station. With the iPod docking adapters provided and those that come with iPods, GINI iConec supports all models of iPod except iPod shuffle. 

Pricing and Availability – MSRP GINI iTube and GINI iConec are $379 and $79 respectively. Both are immediately available through GINI Systems’ supported dealer network and online through

GINI Systems, Inc. is a fine audio components and accessories importer and distributor based in California. GINI Systems is committed to bringing to market quality audio components with the highest possible price-performance number.  For more information go to:

Media Contact - Alfie Lew at or +1 650 210 8663


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