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Audio Space Reference 2



. The world's first 300B True Balance preamp

. Excellent Signal to Noise ratio

. Phono Stage supports MC/MM

. 0 or 180 degree output phase shift

. 3-level MC gain control

. 0 - 1500 ohm impedance matching

. Rumble cut

. Genuine WBT parts


Audio Space Reference 2s


. Rugged stainless steel chassis

. High quality EI transformer and components

. Innovative tube circuitry with choke coil

. Either 300B or 2A3 tube can be used

. Can be fine tuned with different regulator tubes

. Dual outputs (cathode follower and anode direct)

. Full remote control

. Switching between high and low negative feedback



Audio Space Pre-2


. Remote control

. Inlcudes flexible impendance phono amp

. Phono stage design with high-end IC

. Supports MC and MM

. Patented stabilizer to minimize microphonics

. Record outputs


Audio Space Line-2



. Excellent signal to noise ratio

. Proprietary choke coil for added source filtering

. 4 groups of RCA input, 3 groups of RCA outputs

. Recording input and output

. Gain control


Audio Space Phone One


. Vacuum tube phono amp

. MC/MM Support

. Rumble cut




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