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California Audio Show 2011

-- The Crown Plaza, Burlingmae, California, July 15-17, 2011

Revealing the remake of the legendary LS-3/5A monitor speakers and the 91B single-ended tube amp with 310/300B and interstage transformer, Audio Space continues to garner high praises in the High-End Audio world!

"A gentle, relaxed sound with well-focused images... "
-- Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

"...if it involves a seductive midrange, sweet highs, and good imaging, this was it."
-- Clarke Robinson, EnjoyTheMusic.com

"...great soundstage and focus."
-- Constantine Soo, Dagogo

The good keeps getting better!

Here's the lineup in our room

CDP 320 Cd Player
DAC-1US tubed D/A converter

Integrated Amps:
Reference 3.1 (300B) - Check out why Albert Von Schweikert calls it "one of the best sounding amplifiers I have ever heard"!
91B  - The latest great tube amp by Audio Space

LS3/5A monitor speaker - the latest and greatest LS3/5A type monitor speaker with the unmistakable image and character!

Audio rack by Linkz Design
Speaker Stands by Linkz Design

Click HERE for Show Reports & Picture


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