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GINI Systems


GINI Systems is a channel distributor and service provider for high-end consumer audio and video electronics. In addition to a full line of products, we also provide consultation services in design and marketing of consumer audio electronics. We are experienced in project management of manufacturing out-sourcing in Asia. Our mission is to bring to market products and services of the highest quality and the best price/performance.


Based in California, GINI Systems markets a full line of high-end audio components and accessories. We represent products of great quality and performance, providing an value alternative in the high-end audio/video components market. Our singular focus on quality and value proposition has resulted in bringing to customers the highest value products and best of service. And we are fully committed to customer satisfaction, both in products and services.


Our business outsourcing and trading practice provide customers with turnkey services and solutions, from design to manufacture of AV equipment and accessories, to consultation on import and export businesses. We have offices in the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China to service our customers.


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