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Audio Space 6M-2A3se


. Single-Ended Triode Monoblock

. Point-to-point wiring

. Hand wound transformers

. 2A3 output tube



The 6M-2A3se has all the benefits of mono-blocks in terms of better channel separation, wider soundstage, minimal cross interference thus more quiet background. The 6SL7s in the front-end are chosen for their sonic characteristics. They provide the desired match for the 2A3s giving rise to the sonic performance that the designer set out to achieve. This system truly exemplifying the exceptional details and warmth 2A3 is known for.


The hand-wound audio transformer is specially made for the 6M with proprietary technology. The audio transformer, coupled with the 2A3 output tube produce excellent linearity. The underlying circuit is designed with “true balanced” capability in mind that will be implemented in a follow on model in the near future.


The front-end utilizes a pair of 6SL7 (6N9P) for input, gain, and driver funtionalities. The 6SL7 in the input/gain stage can be replaced by 6SN7 if higher gain is desired. The 6Ms are designed to emphasize sonic characteristics of tubes used, thereby, producing unmistakable “tube” musical playback experience. This design allows audiophile the flexibility of experimenting with tubes of different makes. The sonic difference will be more pronounced and immediate.


The 6Ms feature negative feedback via a selector in the front panel with “min” or “max” settings. The min setting has zero feedback while the max setting provides a -3.5db feedback. Zero feedback can be characterized by its forward, airy, and well delineated mids. It's well suited for vocals and strings. The max feedback results in a deeper and wider soundstage and is more dynamic. Each mono-block has an individual volume control, thus can be used either as power amp or as integrated amp by way of Line or Direct inputs. Note that there are two RCA jacks for each Line and Direct inputs to accommodate bi-wiring practice if so choose.


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