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T.H.E. Show 2006


To kick off the year of 2006, GINI Systems is certain to have an exciting showing at the St. Tropez. We will be featuring top-notch tube electronics from Audio Space along with some great loudspeakers for reference. Additionally, we will be demo'ing a few brand new tube based audio "systems" that are taylored for the high-end ipod/mp3/pc enthusiasts.


Here's a preview of the line-up:


Audio Space Pre-2 & Reference One + Dynaudio Confidence C2 & Special 25 Loudspeakers


Audio Space Line-2 & 300B Monoblocks + Maxxhorn Immersion Loudspeakers


Audio Space KT88 & EL34 integrated amps + JAS Audio Loudspeakers


GINI Systems ipod/mp3/pc/cd tube based 2.1 system


GINI Systems ipod/mp3/cd tube based stereo system


and more...


Come check us out in room 1703. You'll be glad you did!


T.H.E. Show at the St. Tropez, Las Vegas, Jan 5-8, 2006


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