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Audio Space Reference One Monoblock


MJ Audio Technology Award - Audio Device Excellence (Japan)


. An award winning flagship masterpiece

. Dual hand wound output transformers per channel

. Top-of-the-line power cap with life time guarantee

. Top-of-the-line components throughout

. Solid aluminum heat sink blocks for fast heat dissipation

. Balanced or RCA inputs

. 75W per channel in Class-A push-pull


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Genuine WBT parts are optional on all Reference series products.


Audio Space is the first back in 1994 to introduce tube amplifiers designed with the pairing of 300B (driver) and 845 (output) in its 26W/ch AS-9062 integrated amplifier and the pairing of 300B and 805 in its 50W/ch AS-8530 single-ended Class-A monoblock power amplifier. These designs have since been widely adopted, especially by the new comers in the industry in recent years.


Expanding on its original design of AS-9062, Audio Space began to work around 1998 on the design of the ultimate combination of 300B and 845, the eventual masterpiece – Reference-One monoblock power amplifier. It took more than 5 years for this great effort to come to fruition and be introduced to the market. Reference One has won numerous awards since its launch, including the recent “Audio Excellence Award 2005” in Japan sponsored by the prestigious MJ Audio Technology magazine.


Reference-One embraces power and accentuates the virtues of 300B and 845, exemplifying sonic reproduction in its finest. It will deliver in the most demanding musical passages with ease while retaining remarkable ability to resolve the finest details with enormous soundstage and vivid imaging. Each monoblock employs a pair of the renowned 300B as driver and a pair of 845 output tubes in a true balance design.


Each Reference-1 is hand-crafted following the most stringent process from production to testing and QC, to tuning and to final packaging. Production of Reference-1 is limited due to its lengthy production process and strict quality requirements. Reference-1 is an original, one of a kind, and truly a rare masterpiece!

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